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Here you can give an unique gift to someone you care for or a group of people

When you give someone a tree or a forest, you are making yourself and the recipient of the gift committed to a common cause - the fight against climate change, deforestation and habitat loss.

The gift is in the form of a greeting card that can be sent by e-mail. The recipient of the greeting card may either save it electronically or print it out. Every greeting card bears the logo of our foundation and a short note of gratitude to the donor who sent the gift and the greeting card.

You have the opportunity to donate one or many trees to someone you care for or a group of people, as well as to calculate the CO2 footprint of the receiver/s of the gift and to give a 100% CO2 offset.

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We believe that our modern consumer society has reached a stage at which it now realises the need for urgent action to prevent global warming caused by human activity.

This site is designed for those who want to accept their personal responsibility for the conservation of our shared home - the Earth and for those who prefer not just to give material things to those they care for, but something more precious: the opportunity to contribute to combating climate change, deforestation and habitat loss.

We have devoted our cause to afforestation and sustainable care for our forests, and we hope you will too!

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