Our principles for the management of sustainable and perennial forests

  1. The forested terrains remain owned by the Symbioza Foundation, which guarantees the sustainability of the old forests and the possibility for long-term protection of the plantations as restricted areas;
  2. No wood-timber extraction is carried on the forested terrains. The forests are used for CO2 offset and for habitats restoration;
  3. In the activities for preparation of the terrains as well as during the subsequent protection of the forests created, attempts are made to involve the local communities, living geographically close to the terrains;
  4. The objective in protecting old forest cultures is to conserve natural migration corridors, river bank zones and the mosaic of natural plantations which maintain biodiversity in the region;
  5. The forest cultures will be managed in a way conducive to the restoration of the natural forest cover and environment;
  6. We will closely monitor subsequent impacts on adjacent areas, such as invasive self-forestation, changing water regimes and soil fertility in adjacent agricultural lands.

By maintaining these principles, the biological sustainability of the created forests will to a great extent be ensured. This is a prerequisite for their good health and permanence.

Trees we planted 12K+
Projects we completed 5
Partners who trusted us 17
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