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Christian is the founder of the Symbioza foundation.

He has recorded successful entrepreneurial experience in the private sector in the fields of environmental protection, waste management and environmental engineering.

About Christian in brief:

Since 2003 until now he has set up several EU-based companies synergistically connected, working in the fields of environmental protection, waste management and environmental engineering.

He obtained master in ‘Banks, Finances and Stock Market Techniques’ from the Pantheon-Assas University Paris II in Paris, France.

Although he is a business entrepreneur, his childhood dream has always been to make a larger impact on protecting our limited natural environment. With the founding of the Symbioza Foundation, he has the opportunity further fulfill his dream and jump from being a donor to becoming a representative of non-governmental organizations working to protect nature.

Christian is a member of the Association of European Sustainability and Eco-Management Professionals (VNU).


Svetoslav is an example of the symbiosis between theoretical and practical field activities.

He is an associate professor at the University of Forestry, Department of Dendrology (Plant Physiology group). Svetoslav acts as the representative of the scientific community in our team.

His primary areas of research interests are the adaptation mechanisms of plants to the changing environment and the ability of plants to survive under extreme conditions.

About Svetoslav in brief:

Svetoslav started his higher Forestry education in 1999. The knowledge he acquired in his bachelor and master courses connected him closely to forests and their problems. His challenges within the forester’s role have been to balance society's expectations, the economic interests of business, and the ecological functions of the forest. On this basis, he wrote his bachelor thesis and master thesis. The work in these theses confirmed his belief that there is no dilemma between individual usage and functions of the forest and the forests health. Only a healthy and productive forest has a high recreational and ecological value.

Later, this provoked him to focus on forests as a carbon bank and their role in solving the global problem of increasing CO2 concentrations. Between 2007 and 2012, he worked on a dissertation on “Eco-physiological studies of European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.)”.

In 2016 he was habilitated in the scientific field of Forestry (including Dendrology).



Michel is responsible for our VIP donors department.

Since 1975 until 2016 he gained significant professional experience as a General Manager in worldwide present companies based in Europe (Portugal, Belgium, France), Asia (Singapore, Hong-Kong, India), South America (Brasil), Africa and the Middle East.

About Michel in brief:

35 years of progressively increasing responsibilities in business management in the private sector in more than 78 countries with a sound technical background and a successful track record of strong leadership.  Extensive experience of successfully and effectively managing an organization, experience in planning and coordinating work programs and in enterprise promotion in developing countries. Extensive knowledge of enterprise development and strong managerial and diplomatic skills, able to demonstrate excellent political judgment and outstanding communication and interpersonal skills. Efficient to manage change, proven international experience and the ability to work in a multi-cultural institution with a diverse international team. 

Michel holds a Master in Applied Economic Sciences (University of Antwerp, Belgium - U.F.S.I.A.) and a Postgraduate in Financial Management (University Getulio Vargas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). For a long time he has been aiming to participate in pro bono causes. Inspired by the vision of this foundation he rearranged his schedule and found enough time, and he is now an important part of the foundation's team.


Heiko is operating as our consultant for sampling and laboratory analysis.

Since 1992 he has operated as the managing director of an environmental consulting company which has a presence throughout Europe.

About Heiko in brief:

Heiko earned a Diplom-Ingenieur (Master’s degree) from the Martin-Luther-University, Germany. He gained his first professional experience working in agriculture and energy supply. Heiko has accumulated valuable legal experience as head of a legal supervisory authority (Rechtsaufsichtsbehörde). He is licensed as a lead auditor for the certification of management systems for environment, quality, energy and GRI at DQS and is a member of the Association of European Sustainability and Eco-Management Professionals (VNU).

Heiko is the managing director of the company INNO-CON, which he founded in 1992. Since first founding the company, he has headed projects in more than 20 countries.

His company activities have generally included environmental protection project management, assessment of old contaminated areas, preparation of environmental and integrated management systems, and control of trans-boundary shipments of hazardous waste.



Nikolai is our senior accountant and tax consultant.

With a high school diploma in mathematics and Master of science of Economics (since 1994), Nicolai is an experienced accountant. He has an avid interest in business projects that contribute to a circular economy or integrate great sustainable development and green energy solutions into their business model and practices.

Nicolai is member of the board of trustees of Symbioza foundation.

About Nikolai in brief:

With a large portfolio of prime A class business clients, being a NGO accountant opens a new professional challenge for Nikolai – he thrives off challenges. It is no coincidence that he is a national chess champion in individual and team competitions and a participant in the World Chess Championship for youths in Paris 1984. We cannot hide that we are very proud to have a real champion in our team.


Margarita is our EU funds consultant.

Since 1992 she has obtained extensive experience in the public sector and diplomatic experience working with the European Union.

About Margarita in brief:

From 1992 until 2005 she was working in the public sector in the Ministry of Economy and Commerce. During the period from 2005 to 2011 she held the position of Counselor in the the European Union, in Brussels, Belgium. Following these positions she worked in the private sector consulting for successful fund application, and subsequent fund absorption, for the development of an innovative software products. Her activities provided a bridge between IT specialists and the administrative aspects of fund application and absorption.

She holds a Master in Expertise of European Projects (University “Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle”, Paris, France).

Margarita was in contact with NGOs while working in the Ministry of Economy as a Director of the Department “Analysis and Foreign Trade Regime”, and now has the unique opportunity to stand on the other side and contribute to meet the goals of our foundation.



Alexander is our legal advisor.

Since 1996 Alexander has held a Master of law, and he is also an expert in environmental law (EU environmental law) and a member of several attorney-at-law professional organizations.

Alexander is member of the board of trustees of Symbioza foundation.

About Alexander in brief:

Although Alexander is a lawyer with many years of experience, a serious professional career and an excellent portfolio of clients, he has never stopped working with the non-governmental sector (pro bono mostly). He was a member of several NGOs before Symbioza, with the aim to support their noteworthy causes. We are very happy and grateful that he recognized our foundation as the organization he has always been looking for and we appreciate all of his time and energy and 100% of his professional support.

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